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About Jennifer Lamanca- Kaufman and Send Positive Thoughts

Thanks for visiting my site!  Here is a little about me and how Send Positive Thoughts came to be. 

After spending many years working and "drinking the kool-aid" of the corporate world I was fortunate enough to start my own business.  I have always loved taking pictures but didn't realize how much I enjoyed being creative until I was far away from the corporate sales world.  Don't get me wrong I loved my corporate job but being able to think for myself was a new found freedom . Whether on vacation or just admiring the beautiful scenery around me I started taking pictures of everything .  Realizing I had accumulated thousand and thousands of pictures I decided to do something with them.  In 2015 I started picking my favorite pictures and adding a "Positive Thought" to them to share with others.

So much goes into starting a business. You need a logo, a company name and so much more!  Send Positive Thoughts is based on the concept of brighting up someones day or helping someone get through a stressful or difficult time with a few simple words.

In a world filled with doom and gloom at every turn who wouldn't appreciate a Positive Thought sent their way?  Sending good intentions or good thoughts when someone is in need of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental help is more powerful than you might realize.  In a universe where everything is energy, your thoughts and intentions can, and do, influence matter. People often speak of sending good, loving, healing thoughts to help someone, but do we fully appreciate the power that these positive thoughts have?  And do they work when someone is not present?  Every thought we have is a small pulse of energy.  When it leaves us it goes into the universe.  Whether the energy is a negative or positive thought the universe absorbs that energy.  When your thinking about a person or a situation, that pulse of energy goes out and reaches and touches those people.    By sending out positive, loving. caring thoughts or words you can make a difference for someone.  

How the logo came to be.  I based our logo on our sweet,loving, always positive dog Runner.  She is the perfect example of positivity!  Runner was a stray dog my husband found 15 years ago.  She had been abused and dumped on the side of the road.  Lucky for her and for us he found her.  She brings so much happiness and joy to everyone that meets her.  Even when she was battling cancer for a year she was still thankful and positive through it all.  Who better to represent Send Positive Thought than Runner?

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