Never use wall stencils again! My laundry room project was super easy and turned out great!

I decided to brighten up my laundry room with this more than appropriate quote.   


What you will need:

  1. Paper
  2. Printer
  3. Pencil
  4. Pencil Sharpener
  5. Paint
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Tape

Here's How I Did It:

1. Once you know what you want to put on the wall type it in a word document and then print it. Make sure the letters are the appropriate size for your project.  I made mine 700 pt. because my wall was 10' x 8'.  

Laundry Word.png

After you have finished printing you may have to cut your letters/words out and piece them together to get the spacing correct.  For example the word LOVE was printed with LO on one page and VE on the other.  Simply cut and tape the letters together.



2.  Take the first word that was printed out and flip the paper over to the blank side.  Take a pencil and shade across all of the letters.  

This example is using the word "is".  You will understand in a minute why the shading is so important.


3.  Once all the words have been "shaded" tape them to the wall.  It's very important they are in the correct position as this will serve as your stencil to paint on.  

You may be wondering why it says 12 seconds instead of 11....I changed it to 11 at the last minute.  An important number to me.

4.  Next take your pencil and outline each letter.  Here's what happens.  When you trace the letters, the pencil shading from the back side of the paper comes off on the wall leaving you a perfect stenciled letter to paint. 


5.  Now you are ready to paint!  I use Martha Stewart acrylic paint.  The "Pearl" line has a shimmering finish to it and dries pretty fast. 


6.  For the clothes line I found some images on Google, printed them out and made them stencils.  Trust me, I have a hard time drawing a stick figure but I can trace a line with ease.


And the finished product is a more colorful laundry room with a saying that is very true!