Have you accumulated a lot of wine corks over the years and want to make something with them?  Well here is a cute and easy project for you.  

What do do with wine corks

Here is what you will need:

Wooden letter of your choice (you can find this at your local craft store, AC Moore is mine).  Any size will do.  I picked one that was about 12" tall.  

Wine corks

Super Glue - I used E6000 and it worked great (again you can find this at AC Moore).

E6000 super glue

Patience and time.  This project took me about 2 hours.

Put  a few drops of the E6000 super glue on the bottom of your cork and place onto the letter. Hold down for about 3-5 seconds and repeat. When your done you will have something like this.

Letter using wine corks
wine cork project